The Resistance

The Museum
A history of the contagion years

This exhibition both chronicles a fictional narrative and offers an experience of a fantasy of apocalyptic proportions.

The audience traverse a gallery space converted in to a group of human survivor’s hideout in the centre of a harsh environment of an infected population of brainless, cannibalistic, violent zombies. They called themselves the Resistance and their only hope was to use very bit of deviance and ingenuity to retain something of the life they used to lead.
Converted again from Resistance hideout to Resistance Museum this exhibition attempts to show an insight in to the life they lead, the spread of the ‘contagion,’ the rise again of humanity and how the infected and human populations began to rebuild society together.

As individual artists we are all simultaneously concerned with ideas of the apocalypse. Noticing a growing trend in literature and films depicting apocalyptic struggles from Cormac McCarthys ‘The Road’ to ‘Shaun of the Dead’ we want to contribute our own fixations, fantasies and creations to this growing genre. Avoiding a zombie apocalypse is a train of thought that we believe a lot of people today secretly share in, we want the audience to become involved in the fantastical nature of the exhibition.

“Who died and made you f**king king of the zombies?” – Ed, Shaun of the Dead (2004)

The Mock Museum will be showcasing sculptural artifacts from The Resistance, information and ephemera surrounding the ‘Contagion Years’ and also live interactive performances to assimilate the audience into the narrative.

Don’t just learn the facts…..

Vive La Resistance
We look forward to involving you in our world.

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