Gallery Launch

Monday the 12th of April will see the opening of Fallowfield’s first art gallery;
The Art Corner.

The gallery is situated on the top floor of Trof Fallowfield, above The Corner.

Our first exhibition will feature works by artists living and working in Manchester and the work has been selected through an open call to submission.

The response to the open call has been incredible and we wish to say a big thank you to all who have submitted their work.
We will soon have another similar exhibition and give more people an opportunity to showcase their work.



MONDAY 12th April: 7-12pm



The Art Corner
Opening Exhibition
12th – 24thth April 2010

Bartosz Beda
Polish by birth, this fine art painter has already showcased his work in numerous exhibitions back in his native country and has been awarded numerous prizes and awards. His paintings are quite different none only in the structure, but also between gloss or matt surface with particular focus on the effect controlled by the brush, structure, line, colour and composition on canvas.

Cat McDermott
A lens-based practitioner. Born and raised in the North East of England and now based in Manchester. Her current work is a response to questioning the role of objectification in a society that suffers from a widening gender imbalance. Her photography depicts men, strangers, because women’s bodies are so often on display for visual gratification; this type of male nudity is unusual.

Jens Ertelt
A german artist who’s work research processes focus on the idea of isolation within a larger community, on thoughts about how to preserve one´s individuality – when including oneself in a community often means to conceal part of our personality. His work explores the outcome of these actions.

Alison Gunn
A visual arts student at Salford University whose work focuses on the concept of words. Her practices draws away from the meaning of words and explores aesthetic and abstract responses to written and spoken word. Her interest in mark making, line and form push her practice.

Benjamin Murphy
A contemporary fine artist who’s aim is to challenge the self, by drawing people using unusual drawing techniques or mediums in order to challenge the ideals that have originated through monotony and insipidity.

Mark Robinson
A fine art student at Manchester Metropolitan university. His work is inspired by primitive and African art and graffiti art from the 1980′s. As he himself sais “this fuels the base of my ideas I take in these inspirations but mainly I let my imagination go and pour it onto the canvas.”

Candice Stewart
An oil figurative painter who’s current work reflects the hedonistic and vulgar nature of a night life existence. Her use of clown references to portray the changes in the fabric of a person when under the influence of hedonistic substances and surroundings. They become a projection of what fits into a particular scene, like hedonistic behavior which is in itself a form of clown makeup.

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