Desire and Repulsion

The Art Corner is pleased to present “Desire and Repulsion: Grotesqueries”

Throughout art history the grotesque has been used to reflect unresolved conflicts within the world, both personal and political.

Historically, the encompassing theme of grotesque art is an impression of disharmony – perhaps moral, religious, cultural or within the natural world.

Desire and Repulsion is an in-house curated exhibition featuring 20 carefully chosen artists from across the UK, each working from a wide variety of perspectives but united by their stylistic approach: The Grotesque.

The individual works were selected for their ability to create contrasting feelings within the viewer, challenging pre-given perceptions and offering to the public an estranged world
where the human form is presented as a hybrid.

Featuring the work of:

Andrew G Magee, Ann-Marie James, Ayse Banu Cansever, Froso Papadimitriou, Grimes & Jones, Hannah Morris, Jeni Sadler, Michael Prescott, Pascal-Michel Dubois, Peter McCarthy, Rachael Allen, Rebecca Kevill, Rebecca Strain, Sean Penlington, Stuart Southwell, Sue Shaw, Susie Mendelsson, Suzanne Patterson, Victoria Lewis

As art historian Philip Thompson has remarked: “It is no accident that the grotesque mode in art and literature tends to be prevalent in societies and eras marked by strife, radical changes or disorientation”. With this in mind, The Art Corner’s latest exhibition has profound meaning as a potential societal mirror on the current conflicts existing at home and abroad.

Desire and Repulsion opens to the public with a special preview event on Monday 18th February, from 6.30pm – 11.30pm, featuring complimentary drinks and guest DJs.

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