Cuts and Grazes: A Creative View of the Spending Review

Posted on December 20, 2010


10th – 30th of January 2011

Cuts and Grazes is an exhibition of ten emerging artists from Manchester, Salford, London and Hove.  The artists were selected from a call for submissions asking artists to respond to the recent spending review.  ‘Cuts and Grazes’ was conceived to highlight the public’s reaction to the recent spending cuts, presenting a ‘Creative View of the Spending Review’.

Spanning the two rooms of the Art Corner the work explores a variety of mediums and standpoints.  Duncan Roberts provides us with a tongue in cheek look at the artist’s pursuit for a better future whilst Richard Birdseeds grotesque illustrations highlighting the horror in the cuts.  Frances Copeman’s striking drawings explore limitation and restriction; something that she feels the Government spending cuts will impact on the body of society.  Jane Lawson wall sized mind map routes the causes of the cuts exploring factors she feels have led us to our current predicament and Helen Collet looks directly at the spending review applying 25% cuts to it as randomly as she feels the cuts have been made to the budget.  David Picken and Jackie Raybones’ work looks at the administration; Pickens poem speaks of a dissatisfied nation and offering a warning of the future to Cameron and Clegg, whilst Raybone traces to Coalition governments rise to power in her large-scale drawing.  Joshua Miller and Nicky Watson’s sculpture questions at the future structure of the education system.  And finally, the photographs of Uncle Ratbag show their Diogenes wall, offering the people of Manchester a better alternative to the government cuts.

The preview event, open to the general public, will be held on the 10th of January from 6.30-11pm.  Representatives from Yes to Fairer Votes will be in attendance on the night and available to discuss their campaign.


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