Posted on October 12, 2010



“Cause and Effect” are a Manchester based group of artists headed by Andy Glinka and Anoushka
Smith. The two regularly combine and collaborate with artists from across the North West and their
latest exhibition at Fallowfield’s first art gallery, The Art Corner, is a united effort with four recent
The exhibition is premised upon the medium of staged photography. Each artist has created a set
of images that are staged and deliberately directed; the aim being to create a fictional narrative for
the viewer to engage with. Due to the ambiguity of the situations the photographs communicate,
the audience is encouraged to complete the narrative themselves – to place a beginning and end
either side of a snapshot into the artist’s imaginary world.
A variety of subject matter is explored by the artists. For instance, Ged Irwin chooses to tackle
issues associated with the British class system and the role played by free market economics in
creating pre-given aspirations in the mindsets of the young. By contrast, Emily Morgan poses
the question of whether childhood games that involve destructive or violent imagined scenarios
– harmless in the absence of any real life repercussions – lead to irresponsibility later on in
adulthood. The works of all the artists are unified by an alluring ambiguity which steers clear of
forcing prescriptive views onto the audience, allowing for open interpretation and reflection.

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